Portfolio Management

Do you know what you own?

A key component of the value of a business can be its intellectual property. Many business owners don’t even realise they have a golden nugget of an asset. And we love having the opportunity to look critically at a business and pass on the good news. It’s important you know what you own, and then make sure you own it in the right way.

When we manage a portfolio, our aim is to ensure it does what you need it to. Sometimes this can involve expanding what you own, but sometimes it’s about deciding to let go of certain trade marks. Our ability to get to know and understand your business, and then apply our experience, enables us to recommend the best options for your intellectual property in a cost-effective way.

Would you like us to take a look?

If you already have an existing portfolio that is being managed elsewhere, we would be happy to assess whether we believe we can make a positive difference. Our time spent evaluating this would be at no cost to you. Sometimes it simply takes a fresh pair of eyes to see how to make changes for the better. The result of our investigation might, for example, be that we think we could help consolidate portfolios spread amongst multiple firms. On the other hand, we may believe that by taking different decisions based on your commercial needs we can have a positive impact and be more cost-efficient.

If you’d like to discuss the management of your intellectual property portfolio with us, call on 01327 223 555 or email info@wood-ip.com. Whether you have nothing, or an established portfolio, we’d love to speak to you.

How we have helped our clients

When you register a trade mark you are providing it with a level of protection that actually builds value in your business. By securing a registered trade mark, you give yourself an avenue to prevent someone using something similar and riding off the back of your hard work and reputation.


"Aaron is great trade mark attorney. He is very knowledgeable on trade marks, but at the same time also very business-driven. And apart from that he is a very nice person." - Willem Leppink, Partner, Ploum Lodder Princen, Netherlands


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We have considerable experience in registering trade marks. We have worked both in-house at large brand-owning companies, and at other law firms. We have advised multinationals, but have helped start-ups and fledgling businesses protect their assets, too. There are few sectors we haven't worked in, and our experience really does range from advertising agencies to zoos! A to Z… literally.


"As a client, Aaron has always given excellent advice, has the ability to adapt quickly to client's particular needs and responds effectively to urgent requests. He is always willing to help and provides excellent results. I have very much enjoyed working with Aaron, it has been a valuable learning experience" - Isabel Soares, Paralegal, Bacardi & Company, Switzerland


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Handling trade mark disputes is a core aspect of our Enforcement work. We're regularly either acting for our clients to ensure a third party isn't able to register a trade mark that might affect their rights, or defending them from proceedings brought by others.


"I've worked with Aaron a few times now in relation to UK trademark applications, particularly where they have become contentious. I have found Aaron to be extremely helpful and prompt in replaying to emails/calls. I'll continue to use his services and would encourage anyone else in such matters to do the same" - Seb Hopkins, Solicitor, Flint Bishop LLP, UK


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You want competitors to steer clear of your brands. And, of course, competitors want you to steer clear of theirs. So if you find your business on the wrong end of a demand to alter a brand once you've adopted, marketed, and set your hopes on it, it can make for an expensive and unpleasant experience.


"Just wanted to thank you once again for all your assistance and helpful advice with this matter. It truly is a great pleasure to work with such a reputable firm and knowledgeable attorney such as yourself […] your particular attention to detail and explaining all aspects surrounding matters I have inquired about has been exceptional and I always appreciate your time and patience" - Lisa Cronsberry, Manager, Intellectual Property Group at Scotiabank, Canada


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Wood assisted by protecting the main brands and class names of this market-leading franchise


"Aaron has always been very quick to help us. The initial contact was through a recommendation and I understand why he came so highly recommended! I have worked with a number of lawyers but the level of detail and business understanding presented by Aaron cannot be compared with other firms. I am also kept up to date about billing and any additional expenses. Previous lawyers have landed me a bill for additional 50% of agreed fees because the project has taken longer than they expected but haven't communicated this to me, their client. A bit of a shock and shortsighted. Aaron ensures billing is clear for all concerned and delivers a professional service throughout." - Julie Clabby, Busylizzymum Limited, UK


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